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Cal Cunningham Statement Ahead Of Anniversary of Thom Tillis’ Emergency Declaration Flip-Flop, Which Cost NC Military Bases $80 Million

Tomorrow Marks Anniversary Of Tillis’ “Olympic Gold Flip-Flop” To Side With White House After Saying He’d Oppose Its National Emergency Declaration

RALEIGH, NC – Tomorrow marks the one-year anniversary of Senator Thom Tillis’ “Olympic Gold flip-flop.” After announcing in a Washington Post op-ed his opposition to the President’s national emergency declaration, only to turn around weeks later and vote for it after discussions with his Washington allies, a decision “clearly shaded” by his re-election bid.

Army veteran and Democratic nominee for U.S. Senate Cal Cunningham released the following statement on the anniversary:

“North Carolina servicemembers and their families deserve independent leadership in the Senate that will make sound decisions about their safety and preparedness, not someone who puts his own political interests ahead of the security interests of our state and country. With his flip flop one year ago, Thom Tillis showed us again that he’s too weak to stand up to the President — even when it’s bad for our state. In the Senate, I’ll chart a different path — that means standing up to the President, regardless of party, when it hurts the people of North Carolina.”

As an Army veteran, Cal Cunningham understands what it means for our national security when military bases don’t have the resources they need to keep us safe.


After writing an op-ed for the Washington Post saying he would vote “in favor of the resolution disapproving of the president’s national-emergency declaration, if and when it comes before the Senate,” Tillis took to the Senate floor weeks later to announce that after discussions with his allies in Washington — not North Carolinians — he reversed course on his very public position, saying he’d back the President after all.

Despite news months later that North Carolina military bases would lose $80 million, Tillis voted twice more to back the President’s sham national emergency declaration.