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Cal Cunningham Releases His Priorities For Next Steps Of COVID-19 Response As Communities Reopen

Cal’s Priorities Include Creating Jobs & Boosting National Service, Making Sure Relief Reaches All Families, Expanding Testing & Contact Tracing So Communities Can Open With Peace Of Mind

RALEIGH, NC — Cal Cunningham today released his priorities for the federal COVID-19 response as communities around the state and country begin reopening. The priorities outline ways to address the economic and health challenges related to the global pandemic that has infected more than 1 million Americans and left 36 million out of work.

“In the Army Reserve, I learned that in a crisis, our leaders must identify critical objectives, plan a response, marshal the resources, and communicate that plan clearly. The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic demands that same leadership and good judgment, not only as communities and frontline workers deal with the day-to-day realities of this pandemic, but also as communities everywhere look for guidance to reopen,” said Cunningham. “The North Carolinians I hear from each week have expressed a new urgency on issues like health care coverage, the economy and jobs — issues that were important before are now personal for all. We owe it to those families to be clear-eyed about the many ways our federal government can expand testing and contact tracing, distribute supplies, create new jobs, and ensure that relief and support reaches every single community.” 

Cal’s plan, available by clicking HERE, outlines his top priorities for the following:  

  • Tests, Supplies and Contact Tracing: Widespread Testing & Personal Protective Equipment To Help Us Reopen With Peace of Mind
  • Jobs: Putting People Back To Work While Rebuilding Our Infrastructure & Prioritizing National Service
  • A Stronger Safety Net: Helping Families Weather the Economic Impact of COVID-19
  • Communities Of Color: Understanding Disparate Impact Of COVID-19 & Addressing Barriers
  • State & Local Aid For Communities: Support For Those Providing Essential Services
  • Accountability and Oversight Of Recovery Efforts: Ensuring Recovery Funding Ends Up In Right Hands

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Cal has conducted dozens of virtual events that have allowed him to learn more each week about the issues and priorities that are front of mind for North Carolinians.

Cal has been especially vocal about the need to expand rural broadband accessexpand Medicaid, provide relief for small towns and rural communities, and to ensure strong oversight of the coronavirus response.

Cal’s campaign is following recommendations of health officials and Gov. Cooper, postponing in-person events and teleworking. Click here for the most up-to-date information about North Carolina’s response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) from the North Carolina Division of Health and Human Services or call 866-462-3821.