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Cal Cunningham Pledges To Take On Rampant Corruption In D.C. As He Releases Priorities For Reform

Cal Was Awarded A Bronze Star, General Douglas MacArthur Leadership Award In Part For Groundbreaking Work Prosecuting Corrupt Contractors

RALEIGH, NC — U.S. Senate candidate Cal Cunningham today pledged that his first priority when elected to the U.S. Senate will be taking on the rampant corruption in Washington, D.C., releasing his top priorities for reforms aimed at getting big money out of elections, closing the revolving door in Washington, and ensuring that U.S. elections are both safe and accessible for every eligible voter. You can read Cal’s priorities here.

In the Army Reserve, Cal earned the Bronze Star and the General Douglas MacArthur Leadership Award in part for groundbreaking work prosecuting contractors for criminal misconduct. Unlike Senator Thom Tillis, whose political career has been guided by corporate special interest money and influence, in the U.S. Senate, Cal won’t stand for the brand of corruption that has taken hold of our political system, including Tillis.

“As I travel North Carolina listening to voters, too many people in our state feel excluded by a corrupt political process that puts the power in the hands of the highest bidder — and Senator Tillis is part of the problem,” said Cal Cunningham. “I’ve fought corruption as an Army prosecutor, and when I am in the Senate, I intend to take on the same corruption and abuses of power nationally. That means eliminating the grip of big money on our elections, closing the revolving door in Washington, and making sure every eligible voter’s voice is heard, no matter who they are or where they live.” 

“Cal Cunningham is leading by example. His plan hits back at political corruption in Washington and proves he’ll fight to unrig the system, unlike Senator Tillis, who has taken over $2.2 million from corporate PACs,” said End Citizens United President Tiffany Muller. “Cunningham’s plan is aimed at making government more transparent and accountable to North Carolinians. Meanwhile, Tillis has refused to follow through on an independent redistricting committee he once supported and passed voter suppression efforts that cut early voting in North Carolina. The contrast between the two is day and night. Cal Cunningham has the independence to lead the Tar Heel state forward.”

Cal has received the endorsement of End Citizens United, an organization dedicated to getting big money out of politics, for his record of reform in the State Senate and for his commitment to refuse corporate PAC money in his Senate campaign. In contrast, Senator Thom Tillis has taken over $2.2 million from corporate PACs like Big Pharma and oil and gas companies and has repeatedly voted for their interests over the interests of North Carolinians.

In addition to Cal’s commitment to taking on big money, Cal’s priorities also call for ending partisan gerrymandering, closing the revolving door in Washington, making sure every eligible voter can cast a ballot, and securing our elections.

Read Cal’s priorities here