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Cal Cunningham Outlines Priorities For Further Coronavirus Relief Action, Calls For Quick Action On Next Phase Of Response

Cal Had Called For Swift Passage Of The Legislation That Passed Today After Days Of Delay

For More On North Carolina’s Response To COVID-19 From The North Carolina Division Of Health And Human Services Visit Or Call 866-462-3821

RALEIGH, NC — Following passage of today’s legislation to make testing free among other relief measures, Army veteran and Senate candidate Cal Cunningham is calling on the Senate to act without delay to pass additional relief, especially for those who will need medical care, and families and businesses who need economic relief.

“Free testing, targeted paid sick leave, and expansions of unemployment insurance and food assistance should allow many workers and families to breathe a sigh of relief,” said Cal Cunningham. “But steady leadership in times of crisis means assuring the public through swift actions as part of a clear plan, and by that measure, the Senate should not have wasted days to pass this needed legislation. Now, the Senate must develop further steps to provide certainty for those who’ll need medical care, and to provide economic relief to families and businesses who’ll be hard hit by this public health crisis.” 

This weekend, Cal called for passage of the House-passed bill. He has also called for additional testing supplies to be delivered to North Carolina.

Cal supports the following priorities as the Senate works on a third relief package in the coming days:

Treatment Access 

  • Ensure that anyone who seeks treatment for COVID-19 can do so without cost barriers.

  • Ensure that hospitals and health care facilities are equipped to handle the influx of sick patients.

Boost Response Capacity 

  • Use the Department Of Defense, the Army Corps of Engineers, and the National Guard to dispatch additional frontline responders and boost response capacity nationwide, and provide supplies and equipment.

Economic Relief For Families and Businesses: 

  • Deliver family and small business relief through one-time payments to families and loans to small businesses who have seen losses.

  • Provide loan relief or deferment on all federal loans, including student loans.

  • Prevent evictions or foreclosures.

  • Help impacted workers, like first responders and medical professionals, pay for childcare.

For more on North Carolina’s response to COVID-19 from the North Carolina Division Of Health And Human Services visit or call 866-462-3821.