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Cal Cunningham For The Fayetteville Observer: Protecting Veterans Is Personal To Me

Cal Cunningham, veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, wrote an op-ed for the Sunday edition of the Fayetteville Observer about his service in the Army Reserve and how he will put the Senate seat to work to make sure our military communities have the resources they need to support the missions we must pursue to keep our country safe,” unlike Senator Tillis who has jeopardized funding for North Carolina military installations.

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Fayetteville Observer Op-Ed: Protecting Veterans Is Personal To Me

By Cal Cunningham – November 9, 2019

Key Points: 

  • After the attacks on September 11, 2001, I signed up to serve our country as an officer in the U.S. Army Reserves.
  • When I took the oath of commission, I swore to support and defend our Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
  • As a family, we didn’t exactly know what we were signing up for — and I mean we, because when someone serves, their families do, too.
  • By the time I got through the basic course, we weren’t only chasing the bad guys in Afghanistan, we were in Iraq, too. So I served three active duty tours — at Fort Bragg, in Iraq and in Afghanistan.
  • That is why protecting the military readiness of our troops is so personal to me. It’s why making sure our veterans are supported and met with open arms when they return home is personal to me. It’s why supporting veterans’ mental health care is personal to me. And it’s why ensuring that military families are supported is so personal to me.
  • North Carolinians are proud that our state is home to premier military installations, with one of the highest concentrations of service members, veterans and military families in the country.
  • Instead of representing those interests, Sen. Tillis has embarrassed us on a national stage through his repeated capitulation to political pressure. He’s made decisions at the expense of service members, including decisions that have put the safety and preparedness of North Carolina service members and our national security at risk.
  • I was honored to serve the country in Iraq and Afghanistan, service for which I was awarded both a Bronze Star Medal and the General Douglas MacArthur Award for leadership.
  • So while Thom Tillis gives speeches thanking our military members during Military Appreciation Month and then turns around and forfeits the funding they were promised, I would use the same Senate seat to make sure our military communities have the resources they need to support the missions we must pursue to keep our country safe.
  • It is really no surprise Thom Tillis has the lowest approval rating of any United States Senator.
  • Make no mistake — Sen. Tillis will be forced to defend his failure to stand up for military families if he makes it out of his primary. And I’m ready to hold him accountable for putting his own political interests ahead of the security interests of our state and country.
  • But most importantly, it would be an honor to serve North Carolina’s servicemen and women, our military families, and our veterans as our state’s next United States Senator.

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