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Cal Cunningham DOUBLES Thom Tillis’ Fundraising In Pre-Primary Period

In First Filing Since Creation Of GOP Super PAC Meddling In Democratic Primary, Tillis Reveals He Now Uses Same Bank As The Group

RALEIGH, NC — Cal Cunningham doubled Thom Tillis’ fundraising haul during the pre-primary period, raising nearly $1.4 million to Tillis’ $700,000.

As he filed his report, Tillis also revealed in his statement of organization that he now uses Chain Bridge Bank — the same bank used by “Faith and Power PAC,” the Republican super PAC posing as Democrats to meddle in the Democratic primary. This is the first report Tillis has filed since the creation of “Faith and Power PAC.”

“Recent GOP-led meddling in the Democratic primary in North Carolina was evidence enough that Washington Republicans are terrified to run against Cal Cunningham — and Thom Tillis’ anemic fundraising is another reminder of his pathetic approval in the state of North Carolina and his vulnerability heading into November,” said Devan Barber, Cal for North Carolina campaign manager. “Cal has worked hard to put together the coalition to beat Thom Tillis and it’s clear voters are ready to bring him back to North Carolina and put this seat to work for the people of North Carolina again.”


  • Cal raised nearly $1.4 million during the 43-day pre-primary period, significantly outpacing fundraising in his previous quarters in the race. This brings Cal’s cycle total to more than $4.5 million raised since entering the race in June.

  • Cal has nearly 12,000 unique North Carolina donors, after gaining nearly 4,000 new North Carolina donors in the pre-primary period.

  • Cal earned an average of nearly 93 new North Carolina donors per day during the pre-primary period.

  • Cal’s campaign has shown strong small-dollar support and enthusiasm in the form of repeat donations:

    • Ninety-two percent of all donations for the cycle were under $100.

    • During the pre-primary period, the campaign’s digital program had an average contribution of $22.44.

    • More than one-third of North Carolina donors gave more than once over the course of the cycle.