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Cal Cunningham Campaign Releases New Ad Underscoring His Commitment to North Carolina Troops As Senator Tillis Failed to Act In Response To Reports Of Russian Bounties On American Troops

Immediately Following Reports of Russian Bounties, Cal Called for Senate Hearings, Swift Action

RALEIGH, NC – Cal Cunningham’s campaign released its newest television ad today entitled, “North Carolina First,” which contrasts Cal’s record of fighting for North Carolina’s servicemembers and veterans with Senator Thom Tillis’ inaction in Washington following reports of Russian bounties on U.S. troops in Afghanistan. 


Immediately following reports of Russian bounties, Cal, a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army Reserve who served three active duty tours, including in Iraq and Afghanistan, called for Senate hearings “to determine who knew what and when, to understand what the intelligence shows and to provide a full account to the American people, troops and military families” and “until investigations are complete, Russia should not be included in the international economic agency the Group of 7, and there should be a pause on removing troops from Germany.”

In July, Cal hosted a Zoom call with members of “Veterans & Military Families For Cal” during which the Fayetteville Observer reported, Cal made clear that if he were in the Senate today, he would “march to 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. ‘to demand answers on behalf of the thousands of service members who call North Carolina home.’”

Below is a transcript of the ad: 

North Carolinians understand better than most what it means to serve. It’s part of who we are. We’re often first to answer the call. 

So when Thom Tillis fails to act while the Russians pay bounties for dead Americans, something is deeply wrong in Washington. 

I served with these men and women. These are our friends, our parents, our sons and our daughters. 

I’m Cal Cunningham and protecting our soldiers is personal to me, and I approve this message because the way we support our troops is bring them home safe.