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Cal Cunningham Campaign Releases Its First General Election Ad, Underscoring His Commitment To Fighting Corruption & Protecting Health Care

New Ad Starts Running Tomorrow In Raleigh, Charlotte & Greensboro Markets As Part of A Sustained Investment On Cable, Broadcast & Digital

RALEIGH, NC – Cal Cunningham’s Senate campaign today released its first television ad of the general election entitled, “System,” which highlights Cal’s Lexington roots and experience as a military prosecutor, and underscores his commitment to fighting corruption and protecting health care in Washington.


“Cal took on corruption as a military prosecutor, so he knows what it takes to take on the big drug and insurance companies, while Senator Tillis has caved to them in Washington,”  said Devan Barber, Cal Cunningham’ campaign manager. “That’s the key contrast in this race, and North Carolinians are ready for a new leader who will look out for them, not the corporate special interests.”  

Since entering the General Election, Cal has seen a positive trend in polling and outraised Thom Tillis 2:1 in the first quarter of 2020. Cal continues campaigning virtually through the COVID-19 pandemic, listening to North Carolinians and building a coalition of support that is ready for new leadership in Washington. 

Below is a transcript of the ad

I’m Cal Cunningham, and growing up in Lexington taught me a lot about hard work, service, and standing up for your neighbors. 

It’s one reason I volunteered after 9/11, served three tours, and took on corrupt government contractors. 

That’s what I’ll do in Washington: take on the corporate corruption that’s been rigging the system for the big drug and insurance companies. 

Affordable medicine and health care shouldn’t be a battle. It’s a right. And it’s why I approve this message.