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Cal Cunningham Calls On Senator Tillis To Return Hundreds Of Thousands In Campaign Donations Following News Of Alleged Straw Donor Scheme Involving Louis DeJoy

Tillis Is “One Of The Biggest Beneficiaries” Of The Scheme, Has Benefitted From Thousands In Donations From DeJoy, And Has Failed To Hold Him Accountable As Postal Delays Hurt North Carolinians

RALEIGH, NC – Cal Cunningham, who took on corruption as a prosecutor in the U.S. Army Reserve, is calling on Senator Thom Tillis to return the hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations he received from employees of companies run by Postmaster General Louis DeJoy, which today came under question following a bombshell Washington Post report that unveiled an alleged straw donor scheme, which if true, amounts to a major violation of state and federal campaign finance laws.

“North Carolinians know political corruption when we see it and this report shows corruption in action, like the corruption I took on in Army service and will take on in Washington,” said Cal Cunningham. “As veterans in our state aren’t getting their mailed prescriptions on time, this news and the tens of thousands in donations Senator Tillis has taken from DeJoy over his political career offer a clear explanation for Tillis’ defense of DeJoy. Tillis should both condemn these findings and refund the donations in question.” 

In addition to the hundreds of thousands of dollars Tillis received from employees of DeJoy, Tillis has received almost $50,000 from DeJoy and his wife, and DeJoy has donated to super PACs that have spent heavily in favor of Tillis. Tillis also skipped a Veterans’ Affairs Committee hearing on veteran suicide to rub elbows with DeJoy at a GOP fundraiser at DeJoy’s Greensboro home

Today’s reports raise even more questions about Tillis’ refusal to speak out about DeJoy’s cuts and roll backs to the USPS as DeJoy’s cost-cutting measures have led to major delivery days, especially hurting veterans who need their prescriptions in a timely manner and rural communities who rely on the U.S. Postal Service for their mail. Senator Tillis has failed to condemn these cuts, even though they are hurting North Carolinians.