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Cal Cunningham “Barnstorming The State Online,” Fulfilling His Promise To Campaign Everywhere

In the days immediately following the primary election, Cal Cunningham hit the campaign trail for a “Carolina Conversations” tour in Davidson, Rowan, Cabarrus, Mecklenburg, Union, Moore, and Cumberland Counties to begin to carry out his pledge to go places where Democrats don’t always win or even go.

Since then, Cal’s campaign for Senate has continued to make good on that promise by “barnstorming the state online.”

As North Carolinians stay home and practice social distancing, Cal has shifted his entire campaign online. He has held nearly 30 virtual events, including county by county town halls, roundtables with municipal and community leaders, and discussions with agriculture and rural community leaders. Cal has also used his platform to share resources and positive stories of neighbors helping neighbors.

As North Carolinians face historic job loss and unprecedented economic and health care challenges, Cal has called on Thom Tillis to hold the federal government accountable in its coronavirus response and stood up for small towns and rural communities, who have faced specific hurdles.

Cal recently explained how his conversations with folks over the past months have shown him that “many North Carolinians today feel ‘an urgency that did not exist prior to March of this year’ about ‘health coverage . . . about jobs, the economy,’” and “issues that were once ‘percolating for many’ are now ‘personal for everyone.’” 

Although the campaign looks different, the mission has stayed the same. Cal will continue to heed Governor Cooper’s safety precautions, while listening to North Carolinians’ concerns, and sharing his vision for how the state and the country can get through this together.

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Washington Post: Why The GOP May Lose Everything

By E.J. Dionne – May 10, 2020

Key Points:  

  • …Cal Cunningham, a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan who is facing incumbent Republican Sen. Thom Tillis (N.C.), says that many North Carolinians today feel “an urgency that did not exist prior to March of this year” about “health coverage . . . about jobs, the economy.”

  • Issues that were once “percolating for many” are now “personal for everyone.”

  • If Bullock, Gideon, Hickenlooper and Cunningham all win, Democrats will likely take over the U.S. Senate and end McConnell’s days as majority leader.

  • Having disastrously bungled the pandemic, Trump is not only falling well behind former vice president Joe Biden in the polls; he could also be creating a tidal wave that would give Democrats unified control of the federal government’s elected branches.

  • My conversations with four of the top Senate challengers suggested that the coronavirus crisis has reinforced core arguments that helped the Democrats win the House in 2018, particularly around access to health care, while also increasing the saliency of inequality — in both economic and health outcomes — as a mainstream concern.

  • At the same time, Trump’s brutal belligerence has turned Democratic candidates into missionaries of concord. This allows them to be implicitly critical of the president and reach out to his one-time supporters at the same time.

  • Thus Cunningham speaks of being “a champion for everybody” and criticizes a Republican Senate where “partisan considerations are overriding institutional considerations.” Gideon notes that she reorganized the seating of the Maine House of Representatives to mix Republicans and Democrats. “When they sit next to each other,” she said, “they see each other as human beings.”

  • If the GOP does lose everything, it will be because the Trumpian circus-plus-horror-show is entirely off-key for an electorate that has so much to be serious about.