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BREAKING: Cal Cunningham Raises $28.3 Million In Record-Breaking Q3 Haul

The Massive Quarter Is More Than Tillis Has Raised Federally Since 2013; Is More Raised In North Carolina By Any Campaign In State’s History

RALEIGH, NC — Cal Cunningham will report raising $28.3 million in the third quarter of 2020, not only breaking his own record from the second quarter of the largest amount ever raised by a Senate candidate in a single quarter, but lapping the total amount of money Senator Tillis’ has raised federally since 2013. The haul is the most raised in a single quarter by any North Carolina politician.

“North Carolinians are shattering records quarter after quarter, and our campaign is so grateful to the tens of thousands of North Carolinians who are fueling this campaign,” said Devan Barber, Campaign Manager for Cal for NC. “The enthusiasm displayed in this record-breaking fundraising haul is not only a testament to North Carolina’s readiness to replace a bad Senator, but also their excitement to send Cal to the Senate and put this seat back to work to fight to expand health care, bring back the economy, and invest in education.”

By the numbers:

  • Cal received donations from over 40,000 North Carolinians in this quarter alone, with many giving more than one time.

  • Dedicated to traveling all parts of the state, Cal has held virtual or in-person town halls in all 100 counties of the state, and his supporters have followed suit. From Murphy to Manteo, Cal has North Carolinians fired up to lend their support to his campaign with 56 donors in Murphy, 49 in Manteo, and 55,000 in-between.  

  • Ninety-six percent of all Cal’s donations are under $100.