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As Cal Cunningham Speaks Out About Cuts to Postal Service, Senator Tillis Remains Silent

Even As His Republican Colleagues Speak Out, Tillis Is Too Weak To Stand Up To His Own Party On Harmful Cuts

RALEIGH, NC – Last week, Cal Cunningham called on Senator Tillis to speak out against Postmaster General DeJoy’s cuts and reorganization of the U.S. Postal Service that are causing major delays, especially for rural communities and veterans who receive their prescriptions through the mail, and threatens the ability for North Carolinians to mail in their ballot during a pandemic.

In a press call on Thursday, Cal said: “This is an important part of how Americans intend to vote this fall — not Democrats, not Republicans, all Americans. It’s unconscionable that the U.S. Postal Service would be hijacked for political purposes. And right now I’ve got a lot of questions about whether that’s what’s happening.”

North Carolina voters are raising questions, too. In Greensboro, protesters gathered to speak out against DeJoy’s destructive actions: “DeJoy, you are hurting rural areas by denying quick delivery from our postal service.” Linda Gauthier in Winston Salem writes: “When will Sens. Richard Burr and Thom Tillis stand up for the foundation of our democracy and protect the vote?”

Even as his fellow Republican colleagues weigh in on the cuts and emphasize the important role the postal service plays in Americans’ lives, Senator Tillis has said nothing, ignoring the cries of North Carolinians to fix the delays that are hurting rural communities and veterans across the state and demand accountability ahead of November’s election. 

The Charlotte Observer editorial board writes today: “Who’s been noticeably less vocal? Sen. Thom Tillis of North Carolina. Tillis certainly hasn’t been shy in recent weeks about letting voters know all that he’s doing to serve them,” but failed to respond to their request for comment. The editorial board emphasizes that “[f]or the sake of voters and Postal Service customers, that needs to change.” 

“Once again, Senator Tillis is caving to his own party, too weak to speak out on behalf of North Carolinians as the administration makes harmful cuts to the USPS, an agency that serves as a lifeline for rural communities and veterans, and is needed to ensure Americans everywhere can have their voices heard in this fall’s election,” said Kate Frauenfelder, a spokeswoman for Cal Cunningham’s campaign. “Senator Tillis must join the voices of North Carolinians who are raising their voices in concern.”