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Another Special Interest Group Rushes To Senator Thom Tillis’ Aid As He “Faces Battles On Two Fronts”

RALEIGH, NC — Another special interest group is rushing to Senator Thom Tillis’ aid today as he faces “major hurdles in winning a second term.” Politico Morning Score reported this morning that the U.S. Chamber is pushing out a six-figure buy for Tillis in the Charlotte and Greensboro media markets.

The investment comes as Tillis “faces battles on two fronts,” referring to a primary challenge from Garland Tucker “who’s already forced the incumbent to reserve $2 million in TV ads to build his name recognition and strengthen his support with the conservative base,” and a challenge from Army veteran Cal Cunningham who “edged Tillis out” among individual donors last quarter, has picked up support in all 100 counties, and has earned more than 140 endorsements across North Carolina.

The Chamber isn’t the first special interest group to rush to Tillis’ side.

  • While Cal’s campaign has refused to take corporate PAC money in his Senate campaign, Tillis is “relying on big-money donors and industry political action committees” to prop up his campaign. 

  • Mitch McConnell-aligned special interest groups have committed to spend $190 million to “protect McConnell’s most endangered incumbents” including Tillis. This follows a $1.3 million infusion by One Nation into states including North Carolina over the summer.

Meanwhile, Tillis is “not raising the money needed in an expensive state.” 

It’s no wonder three consecutive polls have Cal beating Tillis, and analysts like Inside Elections and Sabato’s Crystal Ball have moved the race in Democrats’ direction.