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A Tonedeaf Tillis “Agrees” Country Is Rounding the Corner On Pandemic As North Carolina Continues To Hit Record Numbers Of COVID Cases

North Carolina Hit Record-High 2,885 Cases On Thursday

RALEIGH, NC — As North Carolina hits record numbers of COVID-19 cases, Senator Thom Tillis is doubling down on his defense of the President’s mishandling of the coronavirus and  agreeing with the President that the U.S. is “rounding the corner” of COVID cases as the country experiences a third surge of cases, hospitalizations and deaths. 

In a recent interview with Politico, Tillis stood by Trump’s pandemic response,” “did not criticize the president’s recent comments accusing health care workers of making money off Covid death totals” and “agrees with the president’s continued insistence that the country is rounding the corner on the pandemic.” 

Tillis continues to participate in large-scale rallies even as North Carolina has had more than 274,000 COVID cases and more than 4,300 deaths since the pandemic started and numbers have gotten worse in recent weeks. North Carolina hit a single-day record for cases on Thursday with 2,885 cases. As of Saturday, 1,184 people in North Carolina were hospitalized due to COVID-19. 

“Senator Tillis has become so desperate that he’s even willing to pretend the pandemic has gone away, ignoring the thousands of North Carolinians that are suffering from COVID-19 right now,” said Kate Frauenfelder, a spokeswoman for Cal Cunningham’s campaign. “He’s prioritizing his political rallies and own ambitions over the health and safety of our state. Cal has had a plan for getting the virus under control since May and continues to push for a relief package that reflects the needs of our state. That’s the kind of leadership North Carolina deserves.” 

Tillis has failed to secure badly-needed COVID-19 relief for North Carolinians, prioritizing rushing through a Supreme Court Justice who is hostile to North Carolinians’ health care instead. Federal enhanced unemployment benefits and eviction moratoriums expired three months ago, while schools, small businesses and local governments have been calling on Tillis to pass badly-needed relief for months. 

Cal released his COVID-19 priorities in May, and has been calling on Tillis to take action to support North Carolinians struggling through this public health and economic crisis including by expanding enhanced unemployment benefits, relieving state and local government budget shortfalls, providing resources for schools and small businesses, providing relief for the postal service, and passing a Medicaid expansion incentive.