Launch a Fundraising Page

Our campaign is people-powered so we’re counting on folks like you to lead your communities in gathering the resources we’ll need to win in November.

Thanks to the overwhelming support we’ve received from folks across North Carolina and beyond, we’re launching a new way to get involved: personalized fundraising pages. These fundraising pages are an easy way to track how much you and members of your community have contributed, set fundraising goals, and spread the word about Cal’s campaign. There are two types of pages:

  • Individual fundraising pages allow you to see your personal footprint on the campaign. All contributions made to this page will be thanks to your hard work!
  • Group fundraising pages allow groups of people (families, classmates, neighbors, etc.) to collaborate and fundraise together. It takes a village and by forming a group, you’re assembling a team to maximize your fundraising network.

Launching and monitoring a fundraising page is simple. Follow these instructions, whether you’re building an individual fundraising page or fundraising as a group: 

1. Choose a design from one of the five design options below.

2. Create or log into your ActBlue account. You’ll use this account every time you check your fundraising page.

a. If you’ve previously created a fundraising page but can’t find it, log in here.

b. For ActBlue Support, click here.

3. On ActBlue, select a custom URL for your personal fundraising page. It’s best if this is easy to remember, like “CollegeDemsForCal.”

4. This is the fun part, where you get to personalize your page. Add a title and description explaining why you’re on Team Cal and others should be, too. You know your community best so feel free to zero in on specific reasons why they should support the campaign.

5. Click on “Get Started” to view your new page.

6. Simply copy and paste the custom URL to share your new page and start fundraising for the campaign!

a. To ask people to contribute, share the link via email, text message, on your social media channels, or in any other way that feels right to you.

b. We encourage you to share your link with as many people as possible. As a starting point, think about friends, family members, and neighbors who are eager to be changemakers in November! And feel free to encourage them to pass the link on to amplify your impact.

c. Here are a few template notes, which can be customized for your outreach:

Hi! [I/GROUP NAME] just created a fundraising page supporting Cal Cunningham’s U.S. Senate campaign in North Carolina. Are you able to pitch in $5 to help [ME/US] hit [MY/OUR] goal? Every dollar gets us one step closer to flipping this Senate seat in November! Here’s the link to [MY/OUR] fundraising page feel free to pass it on to others! [LINK].

[NAME], [I’M/GROUP NAME IS] supporting Cal Cunningham for U.S. Senate in North Carolina, and recently launched a fundraising page to make sure he has the resources to defeat Thom Tillis in November. Will you join me in pitching in to help his campaign? Here’s the link to [MY/OUR] fundraising page — and if you know of others who may want to contribute, please share the link with them as well! [LINK]

7. Once you’ve sent your link around, be sure to monitor your progress here, where you can see how many people have contributed to your page and how much money you’ve raised. You can also see who has contributed to your page by clicking “stats” → “additional tools” → “view detailed contribution list.”

Since Cal has pledged not to accept contributions from corporate PACs, we’re relying on the generosity of folks like you as we take on Thom Tillis in November. Let’s build on our momentum as we make a real difference in the lives of people across both North Carolina and the country.

Have a question? Reach out to