Get the Truth

Mitch McConnell’s allies are running deceptive negative ads attacking Cal’s record and his values. They are using a Republican super PAC to pose as Democrats and meddle in our election. Why? Because they know Cal is the strongest candidate to beat Thom Tillis in November.


The truth is Cal has proven he will always put North Carolina first.

Lowering Health Care Costs & Making It More Accessible: One of the most frequent issues Cal hears about as he travels across the state is the urgent need to improve access and bring down the cost of health care for families – and that is exactly what he will fight for in the U.S. Senate. We need to:

  • Strengthen and extend coverage under the Affordable Care Act, including by creating a public health insurance option.
  • Expand Medicaid in North Carolina, which would extend coverage to more than 630,000 North Carolinians.
  • Lower the cost of prescription drugs through efforts like allowing Medicare to negotiate directly with pharmaceutical companies.

Taking on Climate Change & Protecting North Carolina’s Environment: North Carolina has seen the effects of climate change firsthand through the historic storms and flooding that have ravaged our state — which is why Cal knows this is one of the most urgent issues facing us. We need to:

  • Invest in research and development to be at the forefront of creating new technologies. 
  • Support efforts to train workers for the green energy jobs of the future. 
  • Move to 100 percent carbon neutral by 2050 and rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement. 

Preventing Gun Violence: As an Army veteran who has been trained to use a firearm, Cal understands the responsibility that comes with carrying a weapon. He also knows, as the father of two, the fear that parents experience when they drop their kids off at school and wonder if they will come home safe. We need to:

  • Keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers, criminals, and terrorists by supporting efforts to expand background checks.
  • Pass red flag laws to keep guns out of hands of those who’ve indicated they are a threat to themselves or others.
  • Ban the sale of high-capacity magazines.

Fight for Equal Rights: Cal believes that the story of North Carolina belongs to all of us. That story is still being written, and we must make the next chapter as one that fairly includes everyone, no matter who they are, who they love, or the color of their skin. We need to:

  • Stand with the LGBTQI community and communities of color in the fight against regressive policies.
  • Pass the Equality Act to protect LGBTQI North Carolinians from discrimination in housing and the workplace.
  • Ban the use of Medicaid funding for so-called “conversion therapy.”

Cal is proud to have been endorsed by the Charlotte Observer and Raleigh News & Observer editorial boards, who said: 

“For primary voters who are concerned more with choosing a candidate most equipped to beat Tillis, however, Cunningham offers the clearest path forward…

“Cunningham offers a wider appeal, a diverse coalition of supporters and the most well-funded Democratic campaign, and he does so without compromising Democratic Party values. His candidacy provides the best opportunity for voters who want to unseat the Republican incumbent. We recommend him for the U.S. Senate Democratic primary.”

Some of the organizations who have endorsed Cal has part of that “diverse coalition” are listed below. You can see Cal’s full list of endorsers here.

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