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Cal has garnered support from people and organizations across the state!  Add your name to the list and support Cal’s campaign!

Support Cal

Below are just some of the statements of support for Cal from elected officials and citizens around North Carolina.

“I support Cal because he is a strong advocate for public education. His wife Elizabeth works with educators and on education policy, and he was raised in a family of educators. As Lieutenant Governor, Cal will be our champion.”

Loretta Martin, former President, NC Association of Educators

“Cal Cunningham will be an outstanding Lt. Governor. He truly personifies excellence in leadership. Cal, Elizabeth, and I have been friends for many years. During this time, I have witnessed first-hand his dedication to the people of North Carolina through his military experience, civic work, and his commitment to be a voice for those who are less fortunate.”

Sid Baker, President, NC Foundation for Public School Children

“Cal served with distinction on our Board of Trustees for 12 years. As Lieutenant Governor, he will be a strong advocate and friend to our community colleges and the tens of thousands of North Carolinians they serve, especially in communities in transition from job losses and economic change. He is ready to lead.”

Mary Rittling, President Emeritus, Davidson County Community College

“I am enthused to support Cal in his campaign for Lieutenant Governor and look forward to working with him on issues facing our State and region – from light rail and growth to clean air, clean water and preservation of green space. Cal’s heart is in the right place. He cares about people and takes time to really develop relationships. In politics, timing is so important – and now is Cal’s time!”

Sig Hutchinson, Vice-Chairman, Wake County Commission

“I’ve known Cal since we were in law school together at UNC. Since then, I’ve seen him serve our State and our country. And I’ve seen him take strong progressive stands on important issues. I’m confident he is ready to lead as our next Lieutenant Governor.”

Mark Kleinschmidt, Orange County

“I have worked with Cal on some of the most contentious issues facing our community. He is cordial and congenial and never stops working to find common ground, even when that is hard. I trust Cal to always listen first, so that when he speaks, he does so with credibility – those are great qualities in a public leader. I am proud to support him for Lieutenant Governor.”

Rev. Michael Page, former Chairman, Durham County Commission

“I served with Cal in the NC Senate and have known him since his days as one of the most visionary student leaders at UNC-Chapel Hill. He is committed to public service, is trustworthy, thoughtful and hardworking. As a young member of the NC Senate, Cal demonstrated a belief and skill at being willing to work across ideological lines and worked hard at facilitating people working together. As our Lieutenant Governor, I’m confident Cal will lead on the issues that will again make North Carolina a distinguished place to live and raise a family. Cal will give priority attention to returning our system of public education to a position of serving students from all socio-economic groups and working across divisions to ensure economic opportunities for all.”

Howard Lee, former Mayor, Senator and Chairman of the State Board of Education

“I know Cal through his work at WasteZero, promoting environmental and sustainability solutions to reduce carbon impacts and save taxpayer money. He is honest, hard-working, driven to succeed and will work with others for the good of our state – qualities that will make him a strong Lieutenant Governor."