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Tillis Failed To Deliver Critical Coronavirus Relief To North Carolinians Out Of Work, State & Local Governments

Instead of passing additional coronavirus relief to extend federal unemployment benefits to the hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians who remain out of work and provide relief for state and local governments that are experiencing massive budget shortfalls, Senator Tillis joined Mitch McConnell in delaying action and packing up for a long summer vacation. In fact, North Carolina received some of the lowest amount of federal aid per capita.

North Carolinians pled for assistance: 

  • Carolina Shores Mayor Joyce Dunn: “A lesson I learned from my dad that could be well passed on to our congressional representatives. When you’re facing a crisis, you don’t go on vacation — you stay and fight.”
  • Brittany Andrews of Charlotte: “I’m not looking for a handout, but I got a family to feed.”
  • Morgan Childers of Cullowhee: “If I don’t find a job, I’ll be using the rest of my savings to cover the next two months…It’s hard to figure out what direction to go in.” 
  • Rita Blalock of Raleigh: “I hope they don’t cut unemployment all the way off. People out here need it… People are struggling.’” 
  • Michael Bugge of Boone: “If it’s a significant reduction, that definitely puts my ability to pay basic living expenses in jeopardy.”
  • Greensboro Mayor Nancy Vaughan: “In order for us to give help, we need help. So we need the federal government to help us.” 

But Senator Tillis was too weak to stand up to his own party, letting unemployment benefits expire and forcing local governments to make tough decisions about their budgets as they work to keep their communities safe during the coronavirus pandemic.