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Thom Tillis Has Repeatedly Raised Taxes On North Carolinians

In Washington, Senator Tillis championed a bill that overwhelmingly benefited the wealthy and corporations and added $2 trillion t o our national debt, claiming that it would “pay for itself.” And as Speaker of the House, Tillis cut taxes for the wealthy and eliminated tax breaks for teachers buying supplies and families saving for college. 

Senator Tillis has repeatedly hiked taxes on North Carolina families: 

  • Expanded taxes on concerts, movies, museums, electricity & natural gas [News & Observer, 7/29/20]
  • Hiked taxes on mobile homes [News & Observer, 7/29/20]
  • Eliminated credits and exemptions for child care, educational expenses, college meal plans and some appliances [News & Observer, 7/29/20]
  • Repealed NC’s sales tax holiday [News & Observer, 7/29/20]
  • Eliminated NC’s Earned Income Tax Credit [News & Observer, 7/29/20]
  • Eliminated deductions on retirement savings [WRAL, 7/18/13]

The Tillis-backed 2017 GOP raised taxes on the lowest income North Carolina families: 

  • The 2017 tax bill raised taxes on the poorest 20% of North Carolinians [Institute on Taxation and Policy, 8/28/19
  • The 2017 tax bill will raise taxes on 80% of North Carolinians by 2027 [Institute on Taxation and Policy, 8/28/19]

Instead of focusing on North Carolina families, Senator Tillis has done nothing but use our tax policy to cave to his corporate backers.