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Sen. Tillis Undermined Election Integrity With Partisan Flip-Flop On Vote By Mail

After saying he would vote by mail, encouraging North Carolinians that it was a secure way to cast their vote, and even challenging Cal Cunningham to serve as a role model and vote by mail in the upcoming election, Senator Tillis caved to the partisan pressures and questioned if absentee ballots would be counted accurately. More than just transparently hypocritical, Senator Tillis undermined the election integrity for purely partisan purposes. 

  • “U.S. Sen. Thom Tillis said Thursday he has “grave concerns” about North Carolina’s absentee by-mail system, less than two days after he said he had so much faith in the system that he challenged his Democratic challenger, Cal Cunningham, to vote by mail.” [News & Observer, 9/24/20]

Tillis’ attacks on the election process followed a decision by the North Carolina Board of Elections that would make it easier for North Carolinians to fix mistakes on their absentee ballots. The News & Observer Editorial Board criticized Republicans calling foul for their transparent political motivations.

  • “The Republican leaders don’t fear voter fraud. They fear voters. A closer look at the settlement shows the State Board of Elections made a prudent decision to settle the legal challenge to help absentee voters and head off confusion as Election Day nears.” [News & Observer, 9/25/2020]

Cal Cunningham released a statement on the integrity and safety of North Carolina’s election process: “Maintaining the integrity of the election is fundamental to our democracy. Regardless of party, or who you support in this year’s election, it’s important for North Carolinians to know that our elections are fair, safe and secure. It is irresponsible and dangerous to use voting as a political weapon that is up for debate. I served overseas in Iraq and Afghanistan to advance democracy and the rule of law, and I won’t sit quietly while people here in our own country are assaulting those very values.”