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For Years, Senator Tillis Has Crusaded Against Women’s Health

For years, Senator Tillis has worked to reduce access to health care, and unfortunately for women and families in our state, Senator Tillis is rigid and uncompromising on women’s health. 

  • This year, he asked the Supreme Court to revisit and potentially overturn the Roe v. Wade decision. [Axios, 1/2/20]
  • Senator Tillis believes that states have the right to ban birth control. [News & Observer, 1/31/14]
  • Senator Tillis has “voted on 15 separate occasions” to partially or fully repeal the Affordable Care Act, which has helped make women’s preventive health care, like cancer screenings, more affordable and banned descrimination based on gender. [Daily Beast, 8/2/20]
  • Senator Tillis derailed legislation that would have allowed the VA to pay for IVF for wounded veterans. [WBUR, 2/17/20]

Cal Cunningham will always stand up for women’s health by opposing efforts by Washington politicians to cut funding for women’s health care, defending Roe v. Wade against attacks, and protecting and building off of the Affordable Care Act.