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Fact Check: Tillis Spoke In Support Of Tax Credit He’s Using To Try To Attack Cal

Senator Tillis is attacking Cal for claiming a tax credit even though Tillis himself is on record speaking in favor of the tax credit. 

Tillis has spoken in support of the historic preservation tax credit. 

  • “House Speaker Thom Tillis, R-Mecklenburg, said the historic tax credits have shown a ‘well-documented return on investment’…Tillis said the legislature may consider establishing in the 2015 session a grant program for historic preservation and rehabilitation efforts.” [Winston-Salem Journal, 7/30/14]
  • “At the same time, municipal governments have also criticized the General Assembly, saying Raleigh has taken away their ability to govern cities locally. They point to changes in the Historic Preservation tax credit, among other things. Tillis said he is optimistic that the state House and Senate will recognize local government’s wishes. Tillis said the Historic Tax Credit has generated a positive return on the investment and he supports cities having it.  ‘We’re always careful in respect to the Senate’s position. I think there was more a concern of doing that in a vacuum vs. the next stage of tax reform,’ Tillis said. ‘I believe next year they will come back and recognize it. That particular program has been a very positive thing for towns. It is a return on investment.” [Wilson Daily Times, 9/8/14]

The tax credit is available to anyone living in a historic home and must be approved by the state through a rigorous application process. The program has had bipartisan support. 

  • “The North Carolina rehabilitation tax credits help citizens preserve and care for their communities and neighborhoods. Historic preservation, assisted by the tax credits, serves to return a sense of pride and optimism to communities large and small, rural and urban across the state.” [NCDCR]

Senator Tillis is hoping that North Carolinians will forget about his own record on taxes, including his support of the 2017 tax bill, which exploded the national deficit and failed to live up to its promises that the bill would help working families. But North Carolina voters know better.