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Cal Cunningham Has Committed to Constructive Change In Policing

After the death of George Floyd, Cal Cunningham released his priorities for constructive change in policing, drawing inspiration from President Barack Obama’s Task Force on 21st Century Policing, his time working with advocacy groups and law enforcement leaders as Vice Chairman of the Governor’s Crime Commission, and his years of service as a prosecutor and in military service.

Cal’s priorities include:

  • Building a 21st century law enforcement profession that is held to the highest standards of training and professionalism through a new 21st century grant program, or update current programs, contingent on best practices.
  • Embracing community policing and taking steps to give communities a meaningful role in accountability.
  • Limiting qualified immunity and making it easier for those whose rights have been violated to hold bad actors accountable.
  • Investing in our communities. Twenty-first century policing reform will require increased investment in law enforcement, not defunding it. The increased calls on law enforcement to respond to substance abuse and mental health issues in their communities have added pressure on law enforcement and highlight the need to also invest in our health system and social services. 

Cal Cunningham knows that these are only the beginning steps towards justice but these violations of civil and Constitutional rights, and the racial injustices that have led us to this moment, demand our attention now more than ever.