Taking on Climate Change & Protecting North Carolina’s Environment

North Carolina has seen the effects of climate change firsthand through the historic storms and flooding that have ravaged our state — which is why Cal and Democrats know this is one of the most urgent issues facing us. They believe that in order to combat this crisis, we need to invest in a clean energy economy that will create good-paying jobs, reduce carbon pollution, and make North Carolina a leader. Solar energy is already spreading across this state, providing good-paying jobs for our workers and economic investment in rural areas. North Carolina has the research facilities to design the next generation solar panels and the manufacturing base to lead on solar energy. Cal and the Democrats intend to help that happen.

North Carolina has also seen coal ash spills, drinking water tainted by GenX, and rapid loss of open space, and Democrats believe we need to do more to protect North Carolina’s environment and natural resources. In the State Senate, Cal and the Democrats passed landmark clean air legislation that reduced harmful pollutants from coal-fired power plants by over 80%, and key land preservation legislation.